Family Planner

Family Tracking Planner

I, Dr. Aguer and Elizabeth Ajang including our children; Athok, Ayak, Alek, Nyakiir, Apajok and Ajang Aguer believe that the role model and philosophical influence for everyone in our family is to ensure we are grown up and we can do anything possible to fulfil and gently achieve our family expectations in academics, work, bill payments, building relationships and much more.

  • Husband/Daddy: Will supervise the family to make sure everyone is doing their tasks;
  • Wife/Mummy: Will supervise to make everyone respectfully perceive and abide with our home’s daily activities and instructions;
  • Athok: Will supervise to ensure everyone studying in the family meets his/her academic work rightfully; And

Everyone else in the family will work collaboratively to substitute or fill in to ensure the needs of our family are essentially met. This list will be updated whenever there is a need.

Below is our Bill payment cycle: Daddy will be the only one to manage and ensure our bill payments are assured. It will be updated at a Yearly Calendar: