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Academic Learning Opportunity Site: Helping verbs or auxiliary verbs: The combination of helping verbs with main verbs creates what are called verb phrases or verb strings

                                        Ph.D. in Educational Leadership

Changing Demographics in Higher Education: The Study reviews and discusses fifteen selected peer-reviewed journal literatures in Educational Leadership. It will explain a logical sequence of ideas and the purpose served by qualitative components in the studies. It will also review and identify a potential research problem that maybe encountered by educational researchers during the study.

Aggressive Misbehavior in Childhood Development: This research will discuss the role of qualitative components in addressing the effect of aggressive misbehaviors in children. The purpose of this research study is to investigate and discusses the causes of Aggressive Misbehavior in Childhood Development. It will use mixed methods to help examine and determine the data collection strategies and decide the specific criteria to help prevent aggressive behavior in children.

Perspective of Change Plan for MCC Program: This argumentative proposal provides  an opportunity to examine how the MCC performs and how its leadership works together for better results for the college.

Personalized Conflict Resolution Management (CRM): This proposal addresses and discusses Conflict Resolution Management (CRM) between students and faculties of John Garang Memorial University of Science and Technology located in Jonglei State, South Sudan.

Case of NCLB Act with Funding Restrictions: The purpose of this study is to help sustain the states’ focus on education improvement and provide financial support to inmplement significant changes in educational system. It will examine the President’s focus on education and how it differs from No Child Left behind (NCLB).

Facilitating Individual Change: This study will discuss and evaluate the usefulness of the various features of the concerns-based adoption model (CBAM). It will explain how the CBAM works within other reform initiatives. It will also discuss how the CBAM of reform has been employed to successfully facilitate reform efforts in the Memphis school district to prevent its disappointing decline.

Critical Skill for Managers: The purpose of this study is to develop a nursing program that offers transformational learning opportunities to the participants and nurse leaders and served as an important means of empowering and energizing staff. The question guided the study is, who assumed the charge nurse role expressed frustration and a vague understanding of what expected of them when identified as the charge nurse.

Perspectives of Change: This study will identify and briefly explain the perspective of change. I will also discuss the peer-reviewed articles: Roger (1995) Diffusion of Innovative; Fullan (1991) Educational Change; and Ellsworth (2000) Condition of Change in their Professional Disciplines. The purpose is to gain knowledge and understand the concept of change in the educational research institutions.

New Knowledge in Higher Education: This paper will review and discuss Gumport & Snydman ( 2002) article, The Formal Organization of Knowledge: An Analysis of Academic Structure. This discussion will explain the theoretical framework of my two selected peer-reviewed research journals.

The Higher Education Market Place: This paper will review and discuss Lewison and Hawes’ (2007) article, Student Target Marketing Strategies for University. It will also explain the purpose serve by my two selected peer-review research journals to support my discussion for this study.

Theory and Research Results: This paper will discuss my two selected peer-reviewed research journals. It will examine and explain theoretical framework put forth by the researchers. The purpose of this study is to discuss how the identified theories support the results presented in the empirical research studies.

Theory and Research Methodology: This study discusses and explains the purpose of my two selected peer-reviewed research journals. It will also discuss how the identified theories support the method of educational research.

Site Based Management: This study discusses the relationship between comprehensive school reform, site-based management, and systemic change. It will also draw the important connection to ensure that school leadership implements strategies to improve and support students’ achievements. The application is to make sure school administrators, teachers, parents and communities work together to develop teaching methods and learning opportunities for students.

Accountability in higher Education: This paper will review and discuss Shupe’s (2008) article, “Toward a Higher Standard: The Changing Organizational Context of Accountability for Educational Results.” The application is to interact and reflect on the learning process by analyzing the Shupe’s (2008) educational research journal.

Systemic Change: This study will review and discuss the purpose of Mitchell’s article (2009), “Online Education and Organizational Change.” It will also explain how change can be useful to educators in their educational institution.

Statistics Studies

Distributions and Descriptive Statistics:This Session Long Project (SLP) will evaluate and investigate the problem why parents were concerned about the overall performance of the ABC high school. This study will review and discuss logical sequence of ideas served by SPSS testing methods to gain knowledge and provide sustainable resolutions to the problem. It will also identify any other potential problems that may be encountered during the study. There are five different modules that will discuss and explain the process of implementing SPSS procedures to ensure we obtain accurate statistical analysis. Each module will be subdivided into parts that explain the research question, provide hypotheses, type of test run, analyze the test results and report the analysis. The purpose of this study is to address parents’ concerns and provide statistical findings.

Statistical Analysis Multiple Regressions: This Case assignment will create dummy codes for categorical predictor variables and. check the assumptions of normality, homoscedasticity, and collinearity. It will also run multiple regression using three different methods including forced entry, stepwise, and hierarchical analysis. The purpose of this case assignment is to identify predictors for reading comprehension among children.

Human Services Degree – Master of Arts

MAHS Graduate Comprehensive Examination Question # 1

MAHS Graduate Comprehensive Examination Question 2

MAHS Graduate Comprehensive Examination Question 3

Math 1410

Assessment of Leadership Strengths                                             Helping clients who face domestic violence

Helping Clients’ Find Shelter                                                           Internship Case Management Experience

Finding Resources for Clients                                                          Analysis of Counseling Profession Paper

Theories of Social and Emotional Development                          Expectations for a Person of My Identity

Working with a Diverse Population                                                Diagnosing Mental Disorders

Strong Interest Inventory                                                                  Personal Career Mentors Analysis

Better Understanding of Anxiety Disorder                                    Internship Site Introduction

Obtain a position as a Food Inspector

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