Ph.D Documents


Jacob’s Dissertation Proposal Defense PPT

Ph.D. Application Mission Statement

Academic Achievement Plan: The purpose of this paper is to help outline my academic achievement plan to successfully complete my dissertation program requirements. In this paper, I will discuss a few self-regulated learning strategies and time management that I believe are my responsibility toward my academics. These self-regulated learning strategies are exclusive as included; dissertation continuation course enrollment, tuition bills payment, attending dissertation course teleconferences, course assignment Submission, comply with dissertation chairperson and committee recommendations, goal-setting and planning, seeking information, and self-evaluation to ensure all the related academic achievement plan materials are implemented.

Student Consent Survey

Dissertation Progress Report: This form describe the progress I have made toward the completion of my dissertation this session. It describes events, circumstances, situations, etc. that have impacted my progress to date.

Dissertation Writing Skills and APA Style: In this paper, I will discuss two sections: Section – One: discusses the skills that I will continue to use in fulfillment of my dissertational research; and Section Two: Discusses whether I have had an opportunity to learn American Psychological Association (APA) style, indicate the knowledge I have acquired from learning APA style and, if I can share the knowledge with my colleagues.

Comprehensive Exam: This Comprehensive Exam is the first part of the DEL 700: Dissertation Continuation toward the fulfillment of my Ph.D in Higher Educational Leadership. In this first part, I will discuss three sections including: 1) Dissertation Prospectus; 2) review two journal articles; and 3) my reflection. In every section, I will include my analysis of the study.

Comprehensive Revision Exam: This comprehensive revised exam is being submitted upon request by Dr. Kim, faculty as well as the course supervisor. I am required to clarify some important statistical concepts in fulfillment of my dissertation study. In this exam, there are two sections: Section One – will discuss a quantitative research article that supports my dissertation; and Section Two – will discuss a visual framework of my dissertation, provide a sample description, provide a couple of hypothesis statements, introduce study variables and measurements of each variable, provide the reliability and validity of instruments that will be used in the dissertation.

Dissertation Proposal Approval: The need of quality education has been a central focus as it is the aspect of human needs which determine the growth of South Sudan’s economic, social and political development by increasing the global awareness of the country. The situation of higher education is faced with challenges including lack of quality teaching and practices including programs structures, curriculum, and learning strategies to increase students learning outcomes. In acknowledgment of these challenges, there have been debates paying heightened attention on how quality teaching should be ensured for higher education. In this regard, I feel this study will help investigate and examine the situation of the current higher education practices as well as to determine the prospect of implementing the impacts of quality teaching and how it increases student learning at the public universities.

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