This page shares with you the truly success story being told by my Educational Instructor from Metropolitan Community College titled “Spotlight on Former Metro ESL Student Graduates with Masters”. You can obtain the full description of the story by visiting this site:
Page 7 AE News — May 2011:

Jacob Ajang was born in Sudan, immigrated to America in 2001 and studied with our worksite ESL program approximately six years ago when he was working full-time in Bergan Mercy’s laundry. At that time, he was also attending Grace University (Courtesy of Alegent’s tuition reimbursement program). Recently, he graduated with his Masters Degree in Human Services from Bellevue University. He is also working two jobs. His primary employment is with Lutheran Family Services, but he also works with the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Beyond all this however, he has volunteered for years with the Sudanese Community Center and presently serves as President of their Board of Directors as well as chairman of their Treasury.

As their representative, he often speaks publicly before English-only groups—a skill he first practiced when he spoke at the end-of the quarter events before MCC and Alegent officials. While he was working and studying at Bergan, Jacob went back to Sudan and married Elizabeth. Soon he became a U.S. citizen and brought her and their baby daughter, Athok, to live with him here in America. Since that time, two more little girls have joined the family with another baby on the way! Jacob is truly a success story. Of course, Metro only helped him with his English. He brought his tremendous spirit, enthusiasm and energy with him. I was honored that he remembered those early days at Bergen and invited me to his graduation ceremony. He deserves our warmest congratulations!

By: Mary Gillespie—AE Instructor, Metropolitan Community College & Papillion-LaVista Public Schools

Article: The Future of South Sudan

The Future of Our Country: I am calling everyone’s attention to take pleasure and celebrate the liberation of our land from the possessive of the Northern Government. I am honoring our heroes, men and women, deceased friends, widows, orphans, disabled and everybody who has been claimed by this war to bring freedom to our country. I am mindful of all the good deeds you deployed to release our beloved country from overprotective government.

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