Pan-Yuot Pinyudo Records

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Ref: Pan-Yuot Pinyudo Records

Dear Pan-Yuot,

I have the privilege to inform you across the globe that we have gathered and collected everyone information that went to Pinyudo between 1987 and 1989. This was a very historic time that we must make sure everyone participated either deceased or alive must be identified.

I am sorry to reveal this information today of your loved ones who passed away 33 years ago. The reasons why I want to share this information is mentioned below:

  • By then we were young and did not know who else went to Ethiopia from our closed relatives. We departed from our own fathers’ homes and did not know each other until we arrived in Ethiopia and still did not get together. Some of them died before they even reached Ethiopia. Of course, we are grown up now and want to bring back the memories of when we went to Ethiopia. 
  • We want to make sure that these names are shared to inform our future generations of such an event we participated. When some of the people died the news of their deaths was not shared and many people do not know at this time if they are dead. Since we are scattered and resettled geographically in Eastern Africa and in abroad, it has been difficult to keep track of everyone status.
  • We might host a “Joint-Deceased Memory Prayers” in the near future once the flooding is over back home in Pawiel, Kongor.

Thank you everyone (Aguer Kuir Deng, Aguer Garang Yuot, Rev. Deng Alaak Pager and Bul Pageer Alaak) who shared this information and confirmed that no one is missed. We have gathered a total of 77 people who went to Ethiopia between 1987 and 1989 from Pan-Yuot. We have confirmed that 20 people have died and 57 people are alive. It is unfortunate to report, we have lost this big number.

  1. Pageer-ganyegany Alaak Pageer-Maguear
  2.  Deu Deng Deu – Deng-angony
  3. Thon Pageer Kuir – Kuir-makeer
  4. Bol-werwer Alaak Aguer – Alaak-awercuech
  5. Pageer-mawei Ajang Kur – Maruu
  6. Kuir-dit Bul Kuir – Bul-agutrial
  7. Dhieu Bul-magueet Kuir
  8. Deng Alaak Pageer – Alaak-machondit
  9. Kuir Bul Yuot – Bul-nyuon
  10. Aguer Ajang Aguer – Ajang-maanydit
  11. Bul Ajang Aguer – Ajang-maanydit
  12. Kur Diing Ajang – Diing-ngeth
  13. Bul Alaak Yuot – Alaak-arinytung
  14. Yuot Alaak Yuot – Alaak-arinytung
  15. Deng Mayen Alaak
  16. Alaak-majangdit Mayen Alaak
  17. Kuir-dit Kuol Aguer
  18. Kuir-thi Kuol Aguer
  19. Priskilla Abeny kucha – Man Yuot and Athok
  20. Yuot Alaak Pageer – Alaak-aying
  21. Pageer-Marong Alaak Pageer – Alaak-aying
  22. Aguer Arok Aguer -Aguer-kueilou
  23. Mayen Arok Aguer – Aguer-kueilou
  24. Makuol Nhial Matik
  25. Garang Nhial Matik
  26. Yuot-majier Ajang Alaak – Ajang-mecaak
  27. Athok Ajang Ajang – Ajang-macaak
  28. Bol Ajang Acuoth
  29. Bul Deng Ajang – Deng-diu
  30. Ajith-matuende Agany Deng
  31. Aguer-manyon Kuir Pageer
  32. Bul Yuot Awuol
  33. Manyuon Dau Alaak – Dau-chapajoc
  34. Akech-magiir Arok Yuot
  35. Alaak Thuch Gak – Gak-Abirjok
  36. Yuot Pageer Alaak – Pageer-gutakeer
  37. Pageer Kuereng Pageer
  38. Pageer-amuor-yuot Yuot Alaak – Alaak-aying
  39. Yuot Aguer Pageer -Aguer-machthok
  40. Aguer Akech Aguer
  41. Aguer-Mathuk Alaak Aguer – Alaak-bungbaar
  42. Bul Ajang Pageer – Ajang-gheer
  43. Bul Tor Bul – Tor-mangardit
  44. Ajang Pageer Alaak – Pageer-agutmabiai
  45. Jacob Yuot Deng – Majangwieech
  46. Kuir Deu Duom
  47. Bul Deu Duom – Deu-mawan
  48. Mayom Bol Pageer
  49. Khot Bol Bul – Bul-awelyar
  50. Majak Deng Nhial
  51. Bul-mabil Kuir Ajang – Kuir-torikou
  52. Maluk Ajang Bul – Ajang-mawieer
  53. Nhial-mathakap Agoth Nhial
  54. Gai-majokdit Deng Nhial
  55. Mayom Bul-thi Yuot
  56. Garang-manguaak Yuot Aguer
  57. Monykuer Deng-Achaar Akech

Deceased names

  1. Ajang-mawei Alaak Pageer – Maguar
  2. Kuir Yuot Pageer – Madhaai
  3. Alaak-majembe Bul Alaak – Bul-guaang
  4. Kuir Duot Pageer – Duot-ayiei
  5. Garang Alaak Pageer-Alaak-deu
  6. Bul Thuch Gak – Gak-Abirjok
  7. Makeer Dau Alaak – Dau-chapajoc
  8. Pageer-bagiith Ajang Kur – Ajang-marow
  9. Deng Yuot Deng – Yuot-agutmalith
  10. Aguer-gidim Chol Alaak
  11. Alaak-konykony Chol Alaak
  12. Bul-Achop Ajang Achuoth
  13. Pageer Deng Deu – Deng-angony
  14. Ajang Kuir Aguer – Kuir-abiokdhor
  15. Ayen Ajang Aguer – Ajang-maaydit
  16. Kuir-thi Bul Kuir – Bulagut-rial
  17. Bul Ruai Bul
  18. Ajak Alaak-mangeer Duot
  19. Nuer Ajang Aguer – Ajang-maanydit
  20. Bol Aguer-Dekdhoor Pageer

This final list has been confirmed to ensure we did not miss or misreported anyone status.