Holding Elections Every Fixed Term.

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The President Elect – Lith Youth Association,
Juba, South Sudan.

Dear Sir,

Ref: Holding Elections Every Fixed Term.

Remember we began this journey in Kampala and we have had initiatives to be holding elections every fixed term. It was not easy, people scolded us, mocked and secretly nick named us as “Kampala Boys” , I don’t know what that means, we accepted the baptism though.

We kept on moving and today the ideas we have been trying to impart though subjected to defeat at infancy are now reborn. This, however, is not a pride but a price for resilience and commitment. We have wanted to take a step forward in order to build a prosperous, hardworking, resilient and discipline society where children, women and people with disabilities would share societal pie with sense of belonging; where poor individuals of our society would access educational and health amenities, where we all feel proud and safe.

Today, you are leading this community, it’s my wish you fulfill your dreams and desires of the community. We, the so called “Kampala Boys” will be there for you, we will provide when you need and even when you stray, we will take you back to the roots, success is the limit. Much love!

Prepared By:

Junior William Deng

Lith Community

2017 Election Organizer