“Creating Friendly Working Environment for Coworkers”

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 Jacob Aguer Ajang, PhD. Food Inspector, USDA/FSIS, Omaha Area

I just want to appreciate Ayana Bailey, Office of Human Resources Management who let us know about the USDA ranking #9 in 2016. I also happen to enjoy reading our action plans that have been implemented to help increase our “Friendly Working Environment for Coworkers FWEC.”

I joined the USDA/FSIS agency in 2015. I witness that the mission of Food Safety and Inspection Service FSIS has been resilient to ensure public health is always our no #1. The FSIS is one of the most diversified agency in the USDA Department. I acknowledge the equality of bringing several nationalities and backgrounds to join FSIS working team.

The characteristics of providing CFWEC is to ensure each worker takes responsibility to make his/her day at work a “Good Day.” Be at your best:

  • Each morning greet and smile at your coworkers
  • Speak in a friendly and respectful way
  • Respect every person of any type
  • Look your best at all times

Online Supervisor is the one that sees workers daily responsibilities. He/she know workers day-to-day moods. He/she is the first and notable person to see the impact of creating friendly working environment for coworkers.

On the other hand, being kind and friendly create a friendly working environment for coworkers. When a supervisor happens to check on his/her workers, first impression is to smile and greet Inspectors, this helps eliminate ruddiness. You ignoring these aspects create doubts and unfriendly working environment.

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