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LogoTwic One Vision Policy Paper

As we’re already counting down toward Election day! It is time to publish our policy paper that you have been waiting for.

On behalf of Twic One Vision, I want to express our great appreciation for our team that we designated to put their minds, talents and efforts to produce this document. You spent long after-business hours on various on this paper, sacrificing your personal time for the greater good of our community. I do hope you have gained some inner satisfaction in knowing through Twic One Vision effort.

Please open the link below: Twic One Vision-Policy Paper

“Thank you for honoring “Twic One Vision” with your vote!

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Endorsement Statement for a Courageous Leader

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endorsement statement for a courageous leader

“Endorsement Statement for a Courageous Leader”

Twi Community Association-USA, 2019 Campaign has just kicked off

First off, let me share my background with you. My name is Aguer Ajang Aguer, from Kongor County, Jonglei States, South Sudan. I have lived in the United States for 18 plus. I have been married to my beautiful wife, Elizabeth Abuk Ajang for over 14 years. We have five daughters and two sons.

I have received my highest academic degree, the Doctorate of Philosophy in Higher Educational Leadership from Trident University International, Cypress, California in July 2016. My doctoral dissertation, Title “The Impacts of Quality Teaching on Student Satisfaction in Higher Education in South Sudan (with the data being collected at University of Juba), one of five public universities in the country, details available on my website: https://drjacobaguerajang.com/.

I am exceptionally well organized and a resourceful professional working for the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) as a Consumer Safety Inspector and possess over 10 years community based organizations’ leadership experiences.

My voluntary work involvements for the community organizations include working as an internship client specialist at Family Lutheran Services to ensure refugees or new comers who come to the United States as refugees due to political background or asylum receive service assistance during their first six months of arrival; worked as a Chairman for the Board of Directors with the Kongor Development Association (KDA),USA to support and sustain the work of KDA as well as providing governing leadership and strategic fundraising support; worked as an Early Head Start Policy Council (PC) with the Omaha Public Schools Head Start (OPSHS) to develop a partnership with parents and staff in making decisions about program changes and policies; worked as treasurer with the Nebraska Community by ensuring that effective financial systems and procedures have been established, are being consistently followed and are in line with best practice and legal requirements; and shortly relieved for 6 years working as a Chairman of the West Community Initiative to “Keep the South Sudanese Culture Alive in the Diaspora” and ensuring that the Board of Directors and Executive Officials are aware to fulfill their governing responsibilities, are accountable for their performances, comply with applicable and organization bylaws and regulations, conduct board business effectively and efficiently.

I am honored to take this privilege to share my vision for the Twi Community in the United States. It has always been my desire to ensure our community in the United States and across the globe live productively, raising healthy children, and taking pride in their own community. My vision for the next leadership is to see the needs of our people are brought to the attention of the Twic Community Association-USA.

I, Dr. Aguer decided to support Lual Bul.

The right person that I am confidently preparing to give my full support and knowledge, to ensure that the rights and privileges are reserved and to lead the office of TCA-USA for the 2019 quality service is Lual Bul Manyok.

My Support for Lual Bul Manyok

I have known Lual Bul Manyok since 2005, as a young man growing up in the Kakuma Refugee Camp. His aspiration for others is to respect and honestly be acquainted to know their background and relatives. He is a very social man to make friendship with and never attempted to participate in community misunderstandings. He enjoys and take pride in becoming a leader for his people.

Lual Bul Manyok was born to a family with strong traditional backgrounds of chief, Mr. Manyok Duot of Wangulei in Nyuak County, Jonglei State in South Sudan. He is married to his lovely wife, Mrs. Kunjok Garang Atem of Wernyok, They are blessed with two sons: Bul, Manyok and one daughter Alek Lual Bul. Lual Bul graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Weber State University, Salt City, Utah in 2008, and currently pursuing a Master’s of Criminal Justice in Management at the same University.

Lual Bul Manyok has a strong faith and highest community service backgrounds that make him a mindful community organizer. His commitments are to serve others and ensure services are made available for his people. His previous leadership experiences show enormous accomplishments including: Two terms President of Ayual Community Development Association (ACDA) from 2011 to 2015; currently, served as the Lost Boys and Girls Association Secretary of Information in Utah; 2 years as Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Office of SPLM Chapter in Utah from 2004 to 2006 and presently, ACDA State Representative in Utah.

Due to these extensive background experiences stated above and his clarity to provide equitable services to our families in the United States and of course, at home, have empowered me to educate our community at large that Lual Bul Manyok will be the next president to lead TCA-USA.

In the length of time that I have known him, he has exhibited great passion and strong leadership skills in his role as a community leader.

1. I have known him for his willingness to facilitate and keep strong communications and relationships within the organization is awesome;

2. I have known him that his assurance to ensure his community expectations and projects are timely follow;

3. I have known him that his ability to understand organizational projects are being proposed in a timely and coordinated with members, respectfully.

This is a short list of things that I always expect from a leader in order to gain my support. We’re in tough times that only reasonable leaders can set directional vision for the organization.

In the next few weeks as our campaign goes on the “Twi United Campaign” will be addressing and discussing many concerns that have been limiting and resulted in the organization loosing resources here at home. I have been around enough and fully understand why we have inadequate services in our organizations. Due to these limitations our families and vulnerable people have lost trust and faith in the organization.

I have prepared this endorsement statement to the best of my ability and am looking forward to informing you of other related information. This is to ensure that the community we love has fully gained and understood the reality about Lual Bul Manyok.

I am aware of the quality that a leader of our community needs today. I will stand along with him to ensure that my knowledge and background of being a community organizer and experienced leader can be utilized as needed. This document is being provided to inform the public that once again, our fellow brother Mr. Lual Bul Manyok has taken the privilege to run for 2019 Twi Community Association-USA office.

Our team is grateful for the opportunity to bring this important news to our organization and community members, friends and everyone else here in the United and across the globe. Please I ask every Twic member to understand his based knowledge and willingness to make a difference and his focus on achievable objectives.

This endorsement came from me, but the team will issue a public statement that all the activities being covered in this campaign, including Platform and other campaign related activities and projects. I have served in so many community based organizations and my target has always been to achieve objectives.

Best regards,

Jacob Aguer Ajang, Ph.D.
Email: aguerajang@hotmail.com

Media Communications

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“Creating Friendly Working Environment for Coworkers”

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 Jacob Aguer Ajang, PhD. Food Inspector, USDA/FSIS, Omaha Area

I just want to appreciate Ayana Bailey, Office of Human Resources Management who let us know about the USDA ranking #9 in 2016. I also happen to enjoy reading our action plans that have been implemented to help increase our “Friendly Working Environment for Coworkers FWEC.”

I joined the USDA/FSIS agency in 2015. I witness that the mission of Food Safety and Inspection Service FSIS has been resilient to ensure public health is always our no #1. The FSIS is one of the most diversified agency in the USDA Department. I acknowledge the equality of bringing several nationalities and backgrounds to join FSIS working team.

The characteristics of providing CFWEC is to ensure each worker takes responsibility to make his/her day at work a “Good Day.” Be at your best:

  • Each morning greet and smile at your coworkers
  • Speak in a friendly and respectful way
  • Respect every person of any type
  • Look your best at all times

Online Supervisor is the one that sees workers daily responsibilities. He/she know workers day-to-day moods. He/she is the first and notable person to see the impact of creating friendly working environment for coworkers.

On the other hand, being kind and friendly create a friendly working environment for coworkers. When a supervisor happens to check on his/her workers, first impression is to smile and greet Inspectors, this helps eliminate ruddiness. You ignoring these aspects create doubts and unfriendly working environment.

Launching my Website

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I am feeling great that every moment of my life expectancy is a learning experience. There are times, I feel stuck and never accept the challenge. I have already started counting the number of my ways through and of course, my feet are never trapped.

The Impacts of Quality Teaching on Student Satisfaction in Higher Education in South Sudan

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The purpose of this quantitative research study was to examine the impact of quality teaching on student satisfaction in higher education in South Sudan (with the data being collected at University of Juba), one of five public universities in the country. The objective of the study was to provide specific guidance to help teachers improve effective teaching strategies by engaging students in active learning, creating effective curriculum which supports an increased learning experience, and developing an effective environment in which students have connections in the classroom. The primary data source was a stratified random sample of 267 students selected for sample representatives from a cross-section within eight colleges of the University of Juba. The data were collected by using survey instruments: What Is Happening in This Class (WIHIC); Student Satisfaction Inventory (SII) and ask open ended questions to summarize the data survey questionnaires. Qualitative open ended questions were asked to help gain a clear understanding and summarize the data survey questionnaires.

The students’ demographical sample of (n=267) participants comprised by gender; where males covered the majority sample of 95.1% and only 4.9% of the sample were female. In terms of grade level: 82.4% of students were in 2nd year; 12.4% were in 3rd year; and 4.5% were in 4th year. In terms of GPA: 63.7% students indicated to have 2.0 GPA; 28.1% have 3.0 GPA; and 8.2% have 4.0 GPA. In term of marital status: 95.5% students were unmarried and 4.5% were married. In terms of financial situation: 87.3% participants indicated they were unemployed and 12% indicated that they were employed.

In order to answer the primary research question, details of Hierarchical regression analysis indicates that the variance accounted for the demographical predictors equaled 2.4% was not significant (F (5, 257) = 1.275, p.275), they were not predictors of student satisfaction. The variance accounted with the independent variables (predictors) 8.7 % (F (7, 250) = 7.13, p<=.05), the regression model was significant. The finding from this study provides the Ministry of Higher Education quick assistance in constructing the effectiveness of quality teaching at top leadership and departmental levels identify standards that promote good practices to meet students’ expectations and implement programs for effective learning.

Please you can access my dissertation research by clicking this links: Jacob’s Dissertation Research